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Hi. I'm Gary Tiedemann. I'm an award winning, bilingual audiobook narrator, voice-over artist and audio producer. I've voiced hundreds of commercials, corporate projects, explainer videos, e-learning projects and audiobooks.
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2022 Audie Winner Gary Tiedemann
Earphones Award Winner Gary Tiedemann
New York Times Bestselling Audiobook Narrator Gary Tiedemann
Audiofile Best Audiobooks of 2020 - Gary Tiedemann
Commercial VO Demo
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Audiobooks - Fiction: Sci-Fi (Bilingual)
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Spanish Commercial VO Demo
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333 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10001


900 N Franklin St.
Chicago, IL 60610



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You should consider hiring a voice talent for your business. A great voice that promotes your products, producing a voice recording to explain what you do or demonstrating how your business works can make a huge difference in your sales. Giving your customers a great sounding voice for your brand can be a huge return on investment. You may want to produce a corporate or industrial video, a creative video, a whiteboard video, a sketch video, an explainer video, or a commercial - whether it's a web commercial, TV commercial or radio commercial.


By choosing a talented and experienced professional voice artist like Gary Tiedemann you'll get a friendly, energetic, and honest voice that will really make your business sound great. Listen to the audio samples on this website to hear what your company will get when you choose Gary Tiedemann as a voice talent. His delivery stands out, and you’ll hear what we mean when we say Gary could be the right voice for your product. There really are so many ways that your company benefits from using a voice actor. You will get more customers. You will have a consistent, identifiable brand for your business. Just imagine getting a lot more customers and growing your business. Hire Gary Tiedemann as a voice actor to help you increase your revenue, solidify your brand, and tell your story.

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