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Hi! I’m Gary Tiedemann. I was born in Los Angeles to a mother from Cuba and a dad from Huntington Beach. I grew up bilingual, spending a lot of my early childhood either at my Cuban grandparents’ dental practice or at their house in Hawthorne, where I was only allowed to speak Spanish. Between the Cuban side of the family and my dad’s SoCal German/Italian side, I was raised by quite a diverse cast of characters.


As a kid, I loved watching Dodgers games on my great-grandfather’s lap. We talked about baseball in Spanish while listening to the game in English. I liked the game and the players of course, but my real hero was Vin Scully, the announcer. I'd always notice the different ways people around me spoke, in both English and Spanish. It made me want to try speaking in different ways, too. As soon as I discovered what a tape recorder was, it became my favorite toy. From an early age, I was constantly recording myself. I made fake commercials, fake talk shows, DJ’d fake radio shows and made my very supportive family to listen to all of it.


My dream was to actually be on the radio, so after graduating from Tulane University with a History degree (why not), my first job after college was as a part-time board-op and morning show producer at WRNO New Orleans, which was a classic rock station at the time. In my two years there, I ended up being on-air talent. I played way too much Led Zepplin and hawked hot-tubs, cars and jet-ski’s to the good people of the Greater New Orleans area. Soon after, I moved to Chicago to try my hand in commercial voice-over, improv, sketch comedy and theatre.

In Chicago, I performed in countless improv shows, sketch comedy reviews, and theatrical productions. It is in Chicago where I learned the fundamentals of acting, storytelling, and playing characters authentically.


Offstage, meanwhile, I voiced hundreds commercials, corporate videos, e-learning projects, animation, audio dramas and whatever else people let me do. In 2014, I narrated my first audiobook and never looked back. Since then, I have narrated almost 100 unabridged titles in many genres, including Sci-Fi, History (finally using that degree!), True Crime, Literature, Horror, Young-Adult, Children’s books, and academic Non-Fiction. I take pride in bringing authenticity to my characters, dialects, Spanish dialogue, and being completely engaged in the story I narrate.


I now live in Atlanta, Georgia. When I’m not recording, I’m wondering if I have time to go camping, sailing, or travel somewere.

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