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Gary Tiedemann is a Cuban-American audiobook narrator who learned how to act on the stages of Chicago. He will now stop referring to himself in the third person. 


I am a member of SAG-AFTRA, The Audio Publishers Association and AAA Auto Club South.

I've narrated over 100 audiobooks for many great audio publishers and independent authors, such as: Hachette, Penguin Random HouseMacmillanHarper Collins, Simon and SchusterTantor/Recorded Books, Dreamscape, Deyan Audio, Bee Audio, Crossroads Press, John Marshall Media, Mission Critical, Glen MerzerJeff Menapace, ML Banner, Jay J Falconer, Shawn Inmon, James D. Prescott, Michael McBride, Robert B. Williams


"...their smooth and resonant voices, especially Tiedemann's, draw listeners into the dramatic plot. Listeners will be hooked by this fast-paced and suspenseful audiobook about unrequited love and betrayal." - Audiofile Magazine April 2020

"Tiedemann's well-paced narration shifts smoothly between the English and the Spanish of the characters. Curious listeners will want to seek out the picture book, a Pura Belpré Award winner packed with rich illustrations."  Audiofile Magazine May 2020

This isn’t the first book narrated by Gary Tiedemann that I’ve listened to and it won’t be my last. He really brought the story to life in this one!! His inflections and tones were perfect for the book and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout." Brian's Book Blog 1-15-18

“He is the best narrator I have come upon in Audible.” Kate 7-10-15

“His voice seems to fit whatever the book he is voicing like a glove.” Quella Reviews 12-28-18

“I truly loved Gary Tiedemann's narration. It was almost hard to believe one person performed all of those voices.” Diana 11-15-15


“The narrator nailed each and every character in this story. Outstanding!”   A.C. 8-25-18


“I had never listened to Gary Tiedemann. He was fantastic. Perhaps the best I have heard on Audible.”   R.W.F.  10/18/18


“Your range is INCREDIBLE.  I really think you are the best narrator I have ever listened to.  I have purchased about 250 books from Audible, and always look for who is doing the narrating.  The narrator can make such a difference.  You are by far the best one I've heard, and that is saying a lot.”   W.F. 11-16-18


“The narrator provides a good range of character voices for the men, women, and children and gets the listener emotionally invested in each of the characters. The way he delivers the action sequence is truly a treat for the listener. I really enjoyed his voice acting on the series.” 7-25-18


“I'd put the narration in my top 5 list of narrators”  G.S. 7-26-17

“Gary Tiedemann's narration was perfection. To me the mark of a great narrator is to fade into the background and bring the characters out so you can get to know them and he did that perfectly.”  S.M. 1-17-18


“Gary is wonderful!!!! One forgets this is just one person!!!!” A.L. 1-8-16


“I think you may just get that I really enjoyed Tiedemann's work. He really nails this performance, and brings the characters to life in a way that you don't generally get to see. I would say that he is fun to listen to, but it really wouldn't be appropriate to say that for this kind of book, but, darn it, he is so fun to listen to. He animates and elevates the story. I really enjoyed his performance, I think you will too.” R.J. - 7-18-18


“Gary Tiedemann is amazing in his delivery and does a fabulous job setting the mood and creating suspense!”  Amanda 12-23-17

“Wow. The narration by Gary Tiedemann was SUPERB”  Daphne 6-10-15

“Gary Tiedemann did a superb job with the narration. Managed to pull off some minor emotional parts and made you truly care about the characters. I have already sought out and purchased other books narrated by him based on this performance.”  Jason 4-18-18

“First time read for me with this author and he had me in the first few minutes of the book. I will definitely be researching all his other books” Roxane  4-12-15

“This narrator lulled me into this unknown story and author like caramel dribbled over ice cream, his voice is gorgeous, his delivery perfect and I WANT MORE!” D.L.B. 8-13-17

“He does a great job with each character's personality, he is excellent with the craziness coming across…” A.L. 6-7-16

“Oh, and about the narrator? He nailed it. The lawless vagabonds and civilized mole people were both perfectly believable. Particularly impressive was his treatment of the mole people, who spoke in the sort of highly refined, though *minisculely* accented English of an Hispanic English professor. (I've known a few of these guys, and seriously, that's hard to do.) Even the female voices were seamless.”   Tatiana 7-28-17

“…ending was awesome,  narration was perfect”  M.S. 7-17-17